Thursday, April 28, 2016

April Photo Dump

Just taking a milk break

Logan has figured out how to undress himself.  But then he thought I was getting ready to leave, so he real quick tried to put his shorts back on.  Only too bad for him, he put both legs in one of the leg holes.  Crack me up!

Summer Spring playing

She fancied herself up, and then wanted a picture

Helping cut strawberries for dinner

We spent the evening outside one night.  The kids can't seem to play in the backyard without needing a bath.  If you can't tell, his clothes are soaked and then covered in sand.  Michael made an impromptu fire, so Logan is eating a burnt marshmallow.  Nice!

If you are on Facebook, you already saw this throwback.  But ten years ago, on April 8th, Michael and I went on our first date! This picture isn't from that date, but from about two weeks later.  It seems crazy to me that we've been together 10 years.  Time flies!

Learning how to shred chicken

The dollar spot had these chalk paint squirt bottles.  You just add water.  The kids loved them!
He's such a cool dude!

Oh my word, y'all!  Preschool took spring pictures this month.  And they took cap and gown pictures with the 4 year olds who were "graduating" out of preschool.  I cannot believe we are about to have a Kindergartner!!

We were getting ready to go somewhere, and I was about to blow dry my hair.  Olivia asked if I could just sit and talk to her.  Absolutely!  She didn't really have anything to say.  She just wanted to snuggle and feel important.  Then she asked to take a picture.  I'm always going to stop and listen when she asks me to talk.  Even if it's about nothing.  I love her and her chatterbox self!

"reading" a chapter book

Someone didn't take a nap... and then he fell asleep on mommy.

Elsa making zucchini bread

Little buddy helping me sell some old audio books at Half Price Books.

Then it was on to toddler open gym

We met one of our MOPS friends there.  These guys are both named Logan and they have a birthday a week apart.  Actually, the other Logan was due on our Logan's birthday, but both guys came a week early.

We checked out a new place for date night.  It was super cute, and yummy!

Love him!

The kids have been doing yoga.  I had thought about buying a DVD for when we start homeschooling, and then I learned about a free youtube show that people raved about.  (I believe it's called Cosmic Kids)  Olivia LOVES IT and will do one work out after the other.

Dressing herself

Climbing up on his changing table

It wasn't a problem until he started going through the wipes and creams. Ugh.
I know I've mentioned it before, but we have done 99% of our diaper changes on the changing table for FIVE years now.  The only time we didn't, was middle of the night when they were newborns and sleeping in our room.  So it seems crazy to get rid of the changing table before he is potty trained, but this is getting annoying as well.

Sometimes, a boy just needs his mama... and his bear.

This is my life.  Rest time had just ended.  I got them drinks.  I sat down to look at the recipe for dinner, and there they were.  One on one side.  The other on the other side.  Just standing there drinking.  Usually they are sitting on my lap.  If one is by me or touching me or hugging me, then the other one can't be left out.  I keep reminding myself (when I'm in full on sensory overload mode) that I will miss this one day! ;)

Playing with their kinetic sand in the garage, while I worked on a project.

Logan's cereal all over the ground.
Olivia has on a dress and a skirt that she changed into herself.
Dancing in the living room to their own music.
My kids.

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