Monday, April 25, 2016

Another Art Festival

A few weeks ago, we went to another art festival.  We were looking for some cheap or free entertainment, and Facebook has a whole section of local events.  There was an art festival happening a few towns over, so we decided to check it out.

We stopped to eat at a local little cafe. There were food trucks at the festival, but we thought it might be cheaper just to eat ahead of time.

Ha ha! Such a little philosopher. Or something... :)

There was a sidewalk chalk competition going on.

Of course Olivia thought this was just amazing.

How to Train a Dragon

Wonder Woman

She now wants a set of her very own "special expensive chalk" :)

They had an area where kids could color in one square of cement, but we weren't sure if the rain was going to hold off, so we just kept on moving.

We walked through some of the tents selling things, and then headed tot he Painting with a Twist tent.  They had demonstrations going on, which of course interested Olivia.

They had some bounce houses and jumbo slides to go down--for FREE.  So Olivia did a few of those.

They had tents set up and FREE art projects for kids to do.  But by the time we got there, they were packing up.  Likely because of the impending weather.  So instead they just gave Olivia a bag of supplies to take home and paint on her own.

There was a jazz band playing, so Olivia and Logan ran around and danced for a little while. 

We also watched a Native American dance performance.

It was some fun, free entertainment!  We left just as it was starting to sprinkle.  Perfect timing!

On our way home we had to pass Nebraska Furniture Mart.  It is relatively new (and HUGE).  We had never been, so we decided to go and walk around.  Olivia was technically too big for these carts, but it did making walking around a little easier.  She loved the store and all of the displays!  Logan was less than impressed, but drove around and did alright for a while anyway.

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