Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Logan's Words

Warning: This is a "my blog is my children's baby book" post.  It's more for me to remember, so it may be boring to you. ;)

We all know Olivia talked early, and once she started her vocabulary just exploded.  She had 40 words by 14 months and 55 words by 15 months, and at that point I just stopped counting because we were way beyond any milestones.  Obviously this wasn't "normal", and we never expected any future kids to have these same abilities.

Logan had a few words when he turned 1, but not anywhere near what Olivia did.  We didn't expect him to have a language explosion.  He seems to excel in motor skills (where Olivia clearly did not).  People would make comments about how he was a boy and boys don't talk as early, etc. Plus, he whined way more than Olivia ever did.  So I think I took the words he did have for granted.  Or didn't notice the amount he had.

We went to his 18 month appointment and they asked about his language skills.  I said that he didn't have as much as Olivia did, but that I thought he was fine and pretty average in that department.  The doctor responded with "he only has to have 3 words by 18 months".  Wow!  Well, considering he has some 2 and 3 word phrases he says, I guess we're doing OK.

I never had a list for him like I did with Olivia.  But the other day as we were getting ready to leave the house, I noticed that he used at least a dozen words in about a ten minute time frame.  So I started making a list of his words.

1. shoe (he's obsessed!)
2. stinky (when he has a dirty diaper)
3. eat
4. shower (he loves taking them and will try to start undressing if he thinks I am going to take one!)
5. teeth (for asking to brush his teeth)
7. all done/all gone
8. please (I had to teach him this so he would stop whining when he wanted something)
9. thank you
10. more
11. mama
12. boppa
13. Olivia
14. sissy
15. car
16. ball
17. dance
18. pouch (the ones you eat)
19. hello
20. good bye
21. chair
22. one, two...
23. nice
24. uh oh
25. no
26. bebo (for his belly button--the name comes from a Sandra Boynton book)
27. let's go
28. hat
29. whoa
30. clean up (he sings the song)
31. night night
32. yay!
33. pull
34. spoon
35. let it go (he sings it! which is sort of amazing to me since we haven't seen the movie in forever)
36. go go
37. tickle
38. where'd he go?/ where'd it go?
39. peek a boo
40. there he is
41. roar (from the book dinosaur roar, but he also makes the roar sound for some animals)
42. pillow
43. broom
44. book
45. head

He may have more. These are the ones I recorded in a day.  Of course, some of them are ones that probably only Michael or I know what he's saying.  But he's consistent with these and uses them appropriately.

So he can't recognize his capital letters at 19 months like his sister, but I think he's doing pretty good in the language department... for a boy. ;)


  1. Could he get any cuter? He sure is growing and his personality is really starting to come out. Wish we lived closer together. Sure do miss you guys.

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