Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Life Lately

Here is some of what we've been up to this last month...

 We started out the month with two of our friends having a birthday (both on the 2nd!).  Luckily for us they had parties on different days.  Jordyn's birthday was a pool party.  Michael took both of the kids swimming.  Olivia wore her puddle jumpers and we got a floatie thing for Logan.  But they enjoyed the little kiddie pool the most.  It was actually Logan's first time going swimming.  (Crazy, I know.)

One day out of the blue Olivia decided that she wanted to start writing her letters.  I gave her this dry erase practice thing I had bought her.  Over the course of about two weeks she taught herself how to write all of her capital letters.  They aren't always perfect, and no matter how hard she tries she keeps writing her 'S' backwards, but it's still pretty impressive how quickly she got it!

 We got an early morning delivery of some new shoes for Olivia (thanks, Grandma!).  She had to try them on immediately.  I wanted to take a picture to send to Grandma, and Logan came running over yelling "Cheese!".

Early morning cartoon watching.

It was Star Wars week at Target due to the new movie coming out. There was a Chewbacca at each door, and he made his noise when you walked by the sensor.  Olivia stopped for a picture one of the days we were in there grocery shopping.

Just waking up from nap...

Charlotte's first birthday party was at a restaurant.  My friend Alycia is the queen of crafty detail, so it was super cute!

We checked out a new outside play area at our local outside mall.  It was hot, but the kids loved it.

 Ta da!

Logan loves stickers!  This time he covered himself instead of the paper! :)

Michael set up the projector in our room, and then the kids laid backwards on our bed to watch.  I crawled in with them too.  Everything is better on the big screen.

The next morning I apparently took too long to go in to get Logan.  He had his shirt all wrapped and contorted around himself.  He is purposely looking away, too.  He cracks me up.  And yes, those are his teeth marks all over his crib.  Olivia left her own marks back in the day, plus it's been moved a hundred times and been banged up, so at this point... I just don't care.  (His hand is on his belly button in almost every picture.  He does it constantly.  It's like it's his calming mechanism.  Like sucking a thumb, only I don't know how to break this habit.)

Michael had to run a few errands one Saturday.  So he took Olivia with him and they made it a "date".  They started out at McDonald's.  

I knew all of the driving and some of the errands wouldn't really be all that fun for her.  So I sent her with a small notebook and a marker.  She's really into drawing lately.  This is what she did for fun...

Michael's mom has made both of the kids a nice fleece blanket.  Logan's is superheros and Olivia's is princesses.  Olivia's just came in the mail this month, so one morning they both got cozy on the couch.

My friend Alycia is starting her crafting business.  She had a booth at a local moms bazaar.  We went to see her and Anna and Elsa were there too!  Olivia was literally star struck at first.  She was so excited on the way there.  She couldn't stop talking about it.  But once she got up there she just stared at them, wringing her hands together, her face started getting red, and she was trying to talk but nothing was coming out.  It was adorable.  She finally got up enough courage to say a few things and get her picture taken.

We've been up to a few other things too, but that will have to wait until tomorrow...

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