Monday, March 6, 2017

The Daddy/Daughter Dance

Everyone I know around here goes to the local daddy/daughter dances.  There are multiple to choose from.  Most people do it through the rec centers, but I've also seen people attend ones at their gym and school.  I had always planned on sending Michael and Olivia, but it was actually Michael who saw an add and put it on our calendar to buy tickets.  Since it is a pretty popular event, and it sells out quickly, we bought our tickets all the way back in December when they went on sale.  Needless to say, Olivia could not wait until February to arrive!

This was Olivia's first time going, and I wanted to make sure she had a twirly dress. Grandma bought her this beautiful purple dress, and she LOVED it.  She got lots of compliments on it too.

Unfortunately it was a little cold, so we had to add a sweater and tights.  But it still looked cute.

Be still my heart!

Checking out the dessert table!

The neighboring city does multiple dances and separates by age.  Our city does one big dance, and I believe you had to be ages 4 to 12.

They found a table right by the dessert table.

A fancy pink drink!  They had a catered dinner from Spaghetti Warehouse.  The girls all got chicken tenders and toasted ravioli and the dad's had lasagna.

Michael took a lot of pictures and some videos, but most were blurry because girlfriend was on the move!

In the conga line

They had lots of fun, and I'm sure it won't be the last one they ever attend.

Meanwhile, I was trying to think of something fun to do with my little date.  But there aren't many play places open on a Friday night...  So we got some dinner, which included a milkshake, and then headed to Target.  We got cake pops and went to the birthday aisle to pick up stuff for this cuties birthday.

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  1. Glad they had fun - she looked beautiful! I love that purple dress :)