Thursday, March 9, 2017

Logan's Birthday; Part 2

Since we did the special breakfast and gifts on Saturday, we skipped all of that on Sunday.  We got ready and headed to Grapevine for some fun.

First up was a lunch at Rainforest Cafe.  Our kids like going there for special occasions.

Then we headed to Legoland.  Obviously, this isn't the same type of Legoland that's in California and Florida. Those are full on amusement parks.  This place is just a little play place in a mall (and about a fourth of the cost!), but it was still memorable for a 3 and 5 year old.  Which is all we were going for!

Both of our kids love playing with Legos.

We went on a ride first.  There are only a few to choose from.  Luckily it wasn't too crowded, so we enjoyed them all multiple times.  You had to shoot the bad guys and spiders to save the princess.

Logan was just tall enough for the other ride.  The faster you peddled the higher you went.

Olivia and Michael were in front of us.

There was a lot of press for the Batman movie coming out.

There is a whole little city to check out.

There was a 4D movie to watch--which means it also has fans and sprays out foam on you.  How cute is this guy?!  We actually went twice, and thankfully it was a different movie each time.

That whole picture, including the light sabers, was made out of Legos.

You could make cars, and then there were ramps to send them down and a track where you could see which one went faster.  Logan loved this area, of course.

There was only one other ride, and Logan wasn't old enough for it.  Olivia did it, but even she had a little trouble staying on course.

And that was a rap on our little buddy's birthday.  He felt loved and celebrated.  We all had fun as a family, and it was the perfect weekend!

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