Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Logan's Birthday; Part 1

Of course I'm a month behind, but Logan's 3rd birthday was on February 5th.  That happened to also be Super Bowl Sunday.  We didn't know if we'd have plans or not, so we planned to celebrate on Saturday instead.

We didn't really do a party for Olivia when she turned 3, so we didn't do one for Logan either.  Instead we planned for a "fun outing" and everyone enjoyed it.

Logan specifically asked me if I would decorate the kitchen.  I gave him his choice.  He had a hard time deciding, but he eventually settled on Paw Patrol.

Olivia asked if she could help decorate, so she helped me on Friday night after she got home from the dance.  Logan woke up to this!

And of course streamers and balloons by his door.

These were his gifts from us, and both grandmas.  I had pretty much decided we weren't going to do a train table, and then I got this one for TWENTY dollars on clearance!!! You can't beat that! Because if it's not used (which it is... daily, for various reason by both kids), then we can eventually change it into a large lego table!  $20!!!!!

He slept in.  We ambushed him, and he wasn't too sure about it. ;)

But when he came out and saw all of his gifts, he brightened up!  And Olivia is anxiously waiting to give him the card she made.

He told everyone he was getting a robot and race cars for his birthday.  Grandma Pryor hooked him up with the robot.  She also got him some more tracks to go with his train table.

Grandma Hartman got him a marble run.  It's perfect for his little engineering mind.

He found this hat on one of our Target adventures and wanted it.  He may have been found sleeping in it since then. ;)

Besides the hat and the train table, we got him the hot wheels criss cross track.

Both kids enjoyed ALL of the toys!!!

Plus he got $29 (or tickets, as he calls them), which are safely tucked away in his piggy bank.

He chose these chocolate donuts as his birthday breakfast... and then hardly ate them. :)

We had originally planned to go to Grapevine, but then when we didn't have Super Bowl plans we decided to go on his actual birthday.  So we spent the entire day playing with his new toys.

Late that afternoon Michael headed to pick up the cake.  Then we sang and celebrated.

After that we headed to a basketball game.  (More on that tomorrow!)

I think he had a fun pre-birthday celebration.

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