Wednesday, November 9, 2016

October Photo Dump

My mom sent Olivia this dress, and it fit perfectly.  She told us to "show some respect and bow" (because she was the queen).  Ha ha!

I love this little girl!  She's getting bigger (and sassier!) by the day... but she still crawls in my lap at least once a day for snuggles.  I know those days are numbered, so I try to soak them up!


I think we went to our last music and movement at the library.  Mommy cannot handle the lack of discipline/control/respect from the other participants. (Oh. My. Word!  I'm truly scared for this world!)

We did a little dinosaur excavation.

She found something! :)

She's having a baby.  Oh my!

A day at the park

Practicing her climbing

Apparently even Superman needs his mommy!

Logan and I killed some time at Target while Olivia was at art class.

We wore our Packer gear to church when the Packers played the Cowboys.  Unfortunately it didn't help.  We still lost.  It's been a rough year for the Pack. :(

Another day. Another park.

Best friends.

We had an octopus lunch for our octopus week.

My world.

Sometimes Boppa freezes us out. ;)

We had a Halloween play date with friends and Logan made a ghost.

When you get an unexpected Friday night off, you go out to eat!  We checked out the new Frisco Rail Yard.  It's basically a food truck park.

And then we went to Andy's!  Andy's frozen custard was started in the Ozarks.  It's second and most famous location is in Springfield, Missouri where I went to college.  I have lots of fun memories from my college days at Andy's.  Plus, I LOVE frozen custard!


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