Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

We have been waiting and waiting for the weather to cool down a little bit so that we could go on more outdoor adventures.  We have been wanting to go to Arbor Hills, and we finally had a chance to get there this weekend.
This is actually where we had Olivia's one year pictures taken, but we haven't been back since.  It's a 200 acre park with trails, playgrounds and picnic pavilions.

We told the kids at lunch that we were going on a hike.  Olivia was not thrilled.  She asked when we could do something fun that she liked.... But then when we got there, and she saw what it was all about, she kept saying how awesome it was, and that she loved nature, and it was the best day ever.  Ha ha!

Checking out the creek

Looking for smooth rocks 

There are concrete paths as well, but we mostly stayed on the dirt trails.

This is her fierce "I'm king of the mountain" face. ;)

and he's just the cutest little guy you ever did see!

Taking in the view

She was speculating what animal might live in this hollowed out tree.

We had a great little adventure!  The weather was perfect... until it started raining on us and cut our afternoon short.  We'll be back for sure!

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