Friday, November 4, 2016

Landon's Birthday Party

About a month ago we went to our friend Landon's Birthday party.  We go to their house every other Sunday night for life group, and both of our kids just love the Taylor family!

These are the same friends who have a boat.  So Landon's favorite thing right now is to practice surfing, to go out on the boat, and to do anything in the water.  It's kind of hard to throw a surfing party in October.  Plus, they have a LOT of family and friends.  So they rented out the place where Landon takes swimming lessons.  It was perfect!

All kids 3 and under had to have a parent in the pool with them.  Then anyone who wanted to take a quick swim test could.  If you couldn't pass, you had to wear some type of floatie.  Olivia cannot swim the length of the pool alone, so both of ours were in puddle jumpers.  They are use to swimming with Michael without them, but they didn't mind too much.

They actually spent a lot of time going down a slide over and over.  Those pictures didn't turn out so well.  But here they are towards the end of the hour hitching a ride with Boppa.

The Birthday boy and his sweet Mama.  I didn't take a picture of all of the decor, but they had it looking super cute!

They even had a surfing photo area set up.  The kids thought this was great.

Happy Birthday, Landon!

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