Thursday, May 12, 2016

Potty Training... What?

Logan has been casually interested in the potty for a little while now.  He'll sit on it here and there, and every once in a while he would actually pee in it.  He's so funny.  He'll say, "here it comes!".  So mentally I was preparing myself to give the three day method a try sometime this summer.  That would put him at 2 1/2.  That is when Olivia was trained.  But I've always heard boys are harder, so I just figured if it didn't go well we would put it off until he was closer to 3.  

Until last week, when Logan decided himself that he wanted to be trained.  On Wednesday afternoon, when I was changing his diaper, he insisted that he go potty on the potty before I put the diaper back on.  So I let him, and he went!  A little while later, he asked to go again, so we went to the potty and he went again!

Thursday morning he was doing the same thing, so I kept putting him on, and he kept going!
Of course the mini M&M's were helpful in motivating him.

So I decided at trip to the store to get underwear was needed.  He chose Mickey and Thomas.
(I love this picture, because it's a genuine smile instead of a "cheeeeese"!)

He was so proud, that he had to carry the underwear in to pick Olivia up from preschool!

We didn't do much with it over the weekend, because we were out and about.
But after his second diaper change on Monday morning, he was back to asking to go potty.
He went TWELVE TIMES on Monday with NO accident.
(Although, he was in a diaper for nap time.)
So far, I've just been letting him lead.  We are about to be in the car for days, and then be away from home for weeks, so this isn't really ideal timing.  Which is why I haven't gone "official" on it.  But I'm hoping that when we return home, we can get this boy potty trained quickly!

The only problem.... he HATES how the underwear feel.  Boy problems, I guess?!?!  I had to bribe him with this popsicle to get him to put the underwear on.  He throws fits, points to his little parts and says, "I don't like it!".  I've been told by some mommy friends that Old Navy and Gap have softer underwear for boys, as well as boxer briefs that some prefer.  So after we get back and start to do this for real, we may have to look into that.

Fingers crossed that he is as easy to train as Olivia was, and that once he's got it we have no accidents!!  Can I get that lucky twice?

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  1. So jealous! We did a potty boot camp with Sophie in March & she did awesome all weekend! But when it was time to return to the real world on Monday morning, she was afraid of the big potty in public :( And you know I am not about to be one of those moms that carries a portable potty around with me everywhere we go! Hoping to try again when school gets out at the end of the month. Good luck!