Monday, May 2, 2016

Disco Dancing

Somewhere along the way I heard about this kid's disco night at a club in Dallas.  I "liked" the page on Facebook, followed along with events, and told a few people about it.  Well, one of our friends from life group wanted to go, so we put a plan into action.

The kids dancing takes place every other Friday night.  It's a $5 cover charge for kids and parents are free.
I'm not going to lie--it wasn't in the best of neighborhoods!  It was a little sketchy, so I was glad to have Michael with us.

It goes from 6 til 9.  There is a kids deejay, food trucks, a concession stand, and an actual cash bar for adults who are wanting to drink.

Of course the light up floor was a hit with the kids.
You can tell by that kid in the background, that some of these guys are old pros.  He had lights on his shoes, special light up glasses, a balloon that actually had a light in it!

There are lounge areas with seating on one side, and then like platform type seating on the other side. There were 3 birthday parties going on at the same time. Each with their own little seating area.

and of course there were 2 disco balls!
We got there right when it opened, because we knew Logan wouldn't make it all night.
Unfortunately, because of bad weather, our friends couldn't make it. :(


Dancing under the disco ball

Logan decided to bust out some break dancing moves?!? :)


We have lots of dance parties at home, so we thought the kids would just love it.
They did--but they really just wanted us to be right there dancing right along with them!

Once the dance floor got busy/crowded, Logan got a little more overwhelmed and just wanted to be held.  He and I spent some time out on the back patio area.

We decided to call in quits around 7:30.  We got the kids some shaved ice from the truck (which was a favorite for both of them), and then make the 45 drive home.

Overall it was fun, and we probably will do it again, but not for a while.  1) because it's inconvenient to get there.  Traffic on a Friday night into Dallas took us an hour. 2) I have to ask off work to go. 3) Logan probably needs to be a tad older/less clingy. and 4) it would definitely be better with friends.  It's a neat concept though.  I just wish it was closer.

So that was our Friday night.  Clubbing with the kiddos!

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  1. Oh my goodness - that sounds like so much fun! My girls love to dance! We may have to try it out some time :)