Friday, May 13, 2016

First Friday's

There is a very large Baptist church in our town (if you haven't caught on... there are a LOT of very large churches in Texas!).  The church is really good about doing outreach and opening up their facility for ministry opportunities.  One of the things they do in the preschool department is called "First Friday's".  One the first Friday of the month they open up their little play area for FREE to whoever would like to come.  I've seen it advertised on a local mom's group for months now, but never took advantage.  Finally I told one of my friends from life group about it, and she said "let's go!".

So we checked it out last week.  That is my two kids, plus our friend Landon, plus a few others in the background.

The first thing that popped into my mind was, "this is it?".  But the kids LOVED it, and then as I thought about it, it's just like the climbing stuff that kids play at in mall play areas.  Only way less crowded, cleaner, and with better behaved children. ;)

I'm not sure if you can tell, but the ship is a slide, and then there is also a tunnel underneath it in the back.

There was also a large fish tank, with a platform build for kids to stand up next to it.  Logan really enjoyed that.

There are actually two sides.  One side is for babies and toddlers, and then the other side is for the bigger kids.  We were on the bigger side at first, but most of the people left after the first hour.  So the kids tried out  the little kids side after all of the babies had left.

The baby side also had two walls with these types of things on them.

 And they actually encourage you to bring a snack.  Which is nice, since a lot of play places don't want you to bring in food and drinks.

Both of the kids enjoyed it.  It was easy for me to watch them, because there wasn't really anywhere for them to go.  It was a good two hours out of the house, we got to see friends, and it was FREE.  We will be back!

The church also has a fun little music camp for preschoolers during the summer that I'm thinking of signing Olivia up for.  It's reasonably priced, which is also nice. I love that there are so many church activity options for us around here.

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  1. We may have to check this out! I am all about any type of play date that is free :) Once again, sorry we couldn't get together today. Hopefully soon!