Thursday, August 27, 2015

Summer Fun

Summer is coming to an end.  Well, at least in the "kids are back at school" sense.  We have quite a few more weeks of summer weather ahead of us here in Texas.  But I thought before we rolled into a new season, that I should go ahead and do a picture dump of our summer.  We did a little here and a little there, which is actually going to seem like a lot in one post.  Overall we've had a pretty good time.


Went to a few library events.  Here is Olivia at a Fancy Nancy tea party.
(Yes, she did insist on finishing her crown.  Yes, it was pretty spectacular compared to some of the other quickly colored crowns of others her age.)

We did some finger painting as well as some other art projects.  Logan really got into stickers!

 We went to a splash pad play date with our MOPS group.

 We did some baking.  Both kids are totally into helping.  Luckily they can both fit on the learning tower at the same time.

 We played in our backyard and had classic summer treats.

We had some lazy mornings and shared lots of cuddles.

 Olivia went to 4 days of VBS at our friend's church--which is like 2 minutes from our house. She loved it.

We had family movie nights.

We went on a school bus ride!  Our friends Shaye, Sadie, and Sophie invited us along. Shaye's husband is on the local school board, and he asked if his daughter could get a ride.  She got to invite some of her friends.  We learned all about bus safety, drove through some neighborhoods to a school, and got a few little treats to take home.  Both of the kids enjoyed it!

We colored.  Olivia more than Logan, but he's starting to give it a whirl.

We found a church! (This is a picture one morning before we left.) It is about 15 minutes away, but they are building and will eventually be very close to us.  We've gone for about a month and a half now.  We all really like it and finally feel "home".  (Ok.  Logan might night say he likes it.  He tolerates it after about 5 minutes of tears.)

We played play doh outside one morning before it got ungodly hot out.

We got together with some "bumpies".  I know you've heard me talk about it before.  We all joined the June 2011 board on the bump while we were pregnant with our "June bugs".  Eventually we jumped from The Bump forum to a closed Facebook group. There are about 160 in the group.  Of those, about 10 live in the Dallas area.  We had a play date last month!

We played at home.  The kids are really starting to enjoy each other and play together.  They still fight, but overall they really like to be with each other.  Olivia teaches Logan his shapes and Logan teaches Olivia to turn the TV on. ;)

We had some water time outside. Over the summer we've used the kiddie pool, the sprinkler, and the water table.

We had visitors!  My mom came at the beginning of the summer and my sister came just last week.  The kids LOVE having visitors!!

We shared in some yummy summer treats!  We finally got around to going to the Frisco Sno Cone Lady.  Hands down the best sno cone I've ever had!  We will be back!

We read books.  Lots of books!  Logan is totally into reading right now.  Between him and Olivia, we could easily read a dozen books a day around here.

 We went bowling.  We went with Shaye, Sadie, and Sophie earlier in the summer with the Kids Bowl Free program and then again when Ang was here.

And we did some good old fashion wrestling.  Michael also taught the kids to pillow fight.  So that happens often and my couch pillows are almost always on the floor.

We may not have gone on any flashy vacations, or spent our summer at the country club, but we had a pretty good time.  Logan is really getting into our little adventures, so life is getting fun!

(Sorry for all of those who saw some of these on Facebook.)

We did a few other things when my mom was here-- the zoo and a children's museum.  We also went to a play museum the day before Olivia's birthday.  Some the pictures are stuck on a camera and some are stuck on a phone that has a cracked screen. (Yes. That happened.)  So no pictures of those now, but still lots of fun was had.

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  1. Looks like a fun & eventful summer to me - now it's time for fall. Bring on MOPS & pre-school!