Monday, August 24, 2015

Check Ups

We finally had the kids check ups!

They were relatively uneventful.  Olivia had to get her vision and hearing tested for preschool, and passed.  (Although, I won't be surprised if glasses are in her near future!)

We talked about Logan's issues with dairy--and really all 3 of the other members of my little family. They all have mild eczema on their arms, and really shouldn't be consuming any dairy.  But you know...That's hard.

Logan was 32 inches (30th %) and 24 pounds (55th %).  He just seems to be growing much slower than Olivia ever did.  He's still barely wearing his 18 month clothes.  I guess it's because she was always "so big" and "so tall", and he's relatively short. Poor guy.  I think he got my grandpa's genes in that department.  His head was 19 cm, which was the 70th %.

Olivia was 40 inches (45th %) and 39.8 pounds (75th %).  This is EXACTLY what she was at her 3 year well check (40 pounds/40 inches).  So she has not grown in a full year.  I already knew this.  And she is still wearing the same clothes with a few exceptions.  This worried the doctor a little bit, but I kindly reminded her that this is the FIRST time in all of her 4 years that she hasn't been in the high 90's for height and weight.  I'm not concerned.  I always said that she would eventually even out, and I think this is just her evening out.  The doctor agreed, but said that if by 5 she hasn't grown (or grown enough) that would have to do some testing on her.  Again, I'm not concerned.

They both got 2 shots each and that about summed up our visit.  Thankfully they are relatively healthy kids.  And I am way happy to be back with pediatricians and nurse practitioners that I love!

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  1. So good to see you at the mall the other day! Hopefully we will see you again at the MOPS retreat this week. So ready to get back in the swing of things :)