Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Life Lately

I shared a lot of our December with the Advent activities, but here are a few others...

Grandma hooked us up with a Pottery Barn Advent calendar

Snuggle buddies

Keeping it real.

Olivia spends a LOT of her free time coloring

She especially loves the smelly markers Santa brought.  She's not done with this one yet.  She's been working on it off and on.  She colors better than most first graders I taught.  Truthfully.

Logan was looking cute walking in from the car, so I started taking his picture.

Olivia ran over and started putting on a show.

Goof!  Olivia got this plastic crown from preschool and he put it on and started running around.

 A repeat from Facebook, but they helped me make a yummy birthday breakfast for Michael.

 This kid.

He can totally set up his own train track.  I love seeing how his little engineering mind works.

 She put my glasses on and said, "I look like a librarian". :)


 Our Magnadoodle has seen better days, but this is Olivia's drawing of Logan's birthday.  I particularly like the banner at the top!

 Olivia chose this outfit and then came out dancing, "I'm an artist! I'm an artist!"  Then she invited us to the "Grand Opening" of her restaurant. :)

An artist she is!  She was using her How to Draw book and going to town drawing everything she could.  We seriously need to get her into some kind of art class or drawing lessons.

A little blurry, but totally a Logan face.

and the reason why my word for 2016 is "Hope"...  ;)


  1. That last picture is classic! I love reading your blog & reminding me that Sophie isn't the only hard child out there :) Why are our second children so different than our first?! By the way, we have that same advent calendar & we love it!

  2. OMG ~ your kids crack me up!! :)

    Love you!