Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Kid Goals

As we sat down for a family meal this weekend, Michael and I were continuing our conversation about the new year and all of the things we have going on.  I asked Olivia what her goals were for the new year.  That girl didn't miss a beat.  

Her first true self portrait

Her goals are:

1. To learn how to read.  (She's been ready for a little while now.  It's me that has been slacking.)

2. Learn how to tell time. (She got a practice clock and watch for Christmas!)

3. Learn how to cut out a heart

4. learn to keep my hair out of my food while eating

5. help mommy bake a cake

6. learn how to draw a snowman

7. learn how to blow my nose (to which mommy and Boppa said, "Amen!")

8. help mommy do the laundry

9. help mommy hang more pictures (??)

10. get dressed by myself (she still struggles with shirts)

11. learn to open and close water bottles by myself

Honestly, there might have been more.  She just started rattling them off.  I had no idea she would have so many.  I should have written them down as she was saying them.

She's taking them seriously too!  That night as she put on her pajama top mostly by herself she started exclaiming, "I did a goal! I did one of my goals!"  And then on her way to preschool yesterday she said, "I think they are going to help teach me how to cut a heart. Then I will have reached that goal, too."  Apparently she's 4 going on 34. :)

And as God and my family are my witness, I asked Logan what his goals were for this year.  He lifted up his arms in the muscle position and did his muscle growl. Hilarious!  So apparently his goals are the same as his father.  Muscles with more muscles.  They are basically the same person, so it fits. ;)  My goal for him is less tears.  In Jesus name, Amen!!!  Ha ha!

We have amazing kids!  Seriously.  Love them and their goals!

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