Monday, April 17, 2017


We kept our Easter a little more low key this year, but it still ended up packed with fun.

We did make it to one play date that had an egg hunt, but other than that we didn't go to any of the big egg hunts this year.  I knew our church would have one after the Easter service, and we do one at our house.  That was enough.

We started our celebration on Saturday evening by making resurrection rolls for dinner.  Each part of the roll represents a different part of Jesus' death.  The roll is the cloth, the butter is the oils they put on him, the cinnamon and sugar are the spices.  All of that goes on the marshmallow, which represents Jesus (white, pure, sinless).  You wrap up the marshmallow in the roll, and put them in the tomb (oven) to bake.  When you take them out, the marshmallow is "gone" (melted), leaving empty cloths.

Everyone participated, and it was a fun way to kick off our Easter.

After dinner we dyed eggs.

The kids finally went to sleep and the Easter bunny came.
It looks like a lot, but half of it is edible or from the dollar spot.  We really don't need more "things", so I tried to do useful or edible things.

And Grandma Pryor hooked them up with some fun too.  They both got a chocolate bunny and a book, along with some toys.

We had to wake Logan up again, so he was a little grumpy at first.

But they both liked all of their things.

After Olivia freaked out about the Lil Woodzeez toys that she's been wanting, she sat down and promptly started reading her book. :)

I found out somewhat recently that play doh is the one thing that will keep Logan entertained for hours.  He will just sit in his own little world and play, create, and make up stories.  Usually he's not really a sit still kind of kid.  A lot of the play doh sets we had were girly, so he got a few sets of his own.  He loves making spaghetti, so he got some food sets.

Michael headed to church, and the rest of us finished getting ready.  Usually we serve on the same weekend (he does Teach arts--video, lights, sound, and I do kids check in), but he did extra help for Easter.

These kids were looking spiffy!

I tried to get a picture at church in better light, but you know...

After church we did the egg hunt.  There was a petting zoo, but we skipped that in order to get to lunch.  We just went out to eat, instead of me having to cook it all.

After lunch, we did our egg hunt in our own back yard.  Blue eggs for Logan and purple for Olivia. That way it was nice and even. :)

After the egg hunt, we did something new.  There is a Mexican tradition called cascarones, or confetti eggs.  Which, of course, is now a popular thing in Texas as well.  We've been here 5 years and never did it.  I thought the kids would get a kick out of it.

I was right. :)

We spent the rest of our afternoon playing with the new stuff, and watching a movie.

It was a pretty good Easter.  I don't think we could have fit more in if we tried.  I was worn out by 3 in the afternoon. ;)

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