Thursday, December 1, 2016

November Photo Dump

We hadn't had a Costco membership for a while, but we needed new tires and figured we'd go that route.  So of course we had to walk the aisles and see what was up.  And the kiddos found the giant bear.

What we do when we are waiting for a hair cut. :)

We voted!  Texas had early voting that went on for a while.  We hit up the library and had no wait!

Quite frankly, I'm shocked this hasn't happened sooner!  He didn't get fully out, since I caught him.  My other saving grace is that he's afraid to drop.  So he just climbs back in.

Michael took this one night while I was at work.

If your mom is a teacher... you might do file folders on a Saturday morning for fun.  Ha ha! 

Olivia is really into cooking, and she's constantly making us these "meals" with her play food.  So I decided to show her a kids bake off show on Netflix.  She was totally into it.  She set up her work area with all of her tools and her princess coloring book, and was giving us tutorials and telling us she had made this recipe "literally hundreds of times".

The very next opportunity she had to climb the wall, she made it to the TOP and rang the bell!  I had no doubt she would.  She climbed it multiple times, actually.

And then she gave wall 2 a go.  I'm sure there are plenty of 5 year olds that can climb these walls, but what makes it impressive is if you know MY 5 year old--and her coordination and athletic ability!

I had to work on Veteran's Day, but Michael took the kids out for his free meal and they hit up a few stores.

Making butter for cow week, and trying it on a cracker. Mmmm!  (We had to switch to a mason jar.  That little tupperware started leaking!)

Our MOPS craft this month was win!

The decorations went up, we had our first fire, and we watched Polar Express. Love!

We had ants!  I put Michael in charge of this homeschool project.  I think he enjoyed watching them just as much as the kids did!

We watched Monsters Inc.  So of course we had to have some art to go along with that. ;)

Did I mention it might be time to move to the toddler bed?! ;)

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