Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Well, since the last time I posted was for Halloween, I figured I'd better get our Thanksgiving post done before December hits!  I can't believe it's almost December!  The end of the year seems to be flying for us!

We actually had a Friendsgiving this year.  We went over to Wil and Alycia's house for a Thanksgiving day lunch.

We kept it casual this year.  Olivia is wearing her outfit from last year, and Logan is wearing 100% hand me downs.  But don't they look festive and cute?!  Logan was being a stinker and was refusing to look at the camera... and when he did look, Olivia was giving some crazy fake/weird smile face.  So this is what we get. :)

I texted Alycia and told her we would need a family picture ASAP upon arrival.  We don't have too many of all 4 of us, and since we were all coordinated and cute I thought we better snap one.

Alycia made the kiddos cute little festive headbands.

100% stinker!

The kids played while we finished up the last touches of meal prep.

The cute little kid table

We ate, we played, we had dessert, and then we headed home for a late afternoon family nap!
It was a very relaxing and nice Thanksgiving!

Then at about 5:15 I headed on over to Target to start my 5:45 "brown Thursday" shift.  The line had already formed, and was weaving in and out of the barricades.

Before anyone feels bad for me, I actually volunteered to work.  I work every Thursday night at 6 o'clock anyway.  So I went in a few minutes early, and stayed an extra hour past what I usually work.  BUT I got paid holiday pay (which is time and a half plus $2/hr).  So I figured why not?  All I would have been doing otherwise is sitting at home.

Since I am a GSA, my job was to help watch the front lanes.  I have honestly never shopped a Black Friday in my life... at least night the 6pm on Thursday or middle of the night on Friday morning deals.  I think I've gone on a Friday afternoon after everyone else was back home in bed. I must say, Target has it VERY organized.  Everyone enters through one side and exits through the other.  Everyone waits in the same line to get to the registers.  So I stood and watched to make sure no one was trying to jump the line (which multiple people did actually try to climb under the stanchions--because they are above the rules?! Yeah, no).  I also called to my co worker to tell her which lanes were available.  Then she'd call to the guy holding up the line and tell him how many to send, etc.  It was fast and efficient, and out of all of the jobs I probably had one of the easiest ones.  I did walk up and down the front of the lanes a billion times, but that's about as hard as it got.

I worked Friday night too (which is also normal for me), so my next pay check should be a pretty nice one!

The rest of our weekend was pretty low key.  We went to the store at one point, just to get out of the house!  We had our first fire in the fireplace, watched some Christmas movies, played with play doh, painted, napped, cleaned, and just relaxed. We have been passing around a cold for a few weeks now, so the extra rest was nice. Now it's back to the hustle and bustle!


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