Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Apple Art

September 26th is Johnny Appleseed's birthday.  Back when I was teaching we would have an entire day dedicated to Johnny Appleseed in first grade.  We would bake, we would do apple related math, apple related art projects, and much more.  Last year little man and I had friends over for a Johnny Appleseed themed play date.  This year, little man was sick for the entire week leading up to Johnny Appleseed.  Therefore, we're going to do some apple activities this week.  Who says it has to be before Johnny Appleseed day?  I make the rules around here. :)

I took this paper plate and cut it into the shape of an apple core


Then I cut down one of the smaller pieces a little bit to make a leaf.  Little man used the dot paint on it.

Then he painted the top and bottom of the core


We use this very old pie pan every time we paint.  I put a little dot of black paint in it and little man used his finger to make a few seeds.

Then he glued on the leaf


Do you want to know the secret to doing crafts with kids?  I always have this handy!

We have these on the counter at all times!


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